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BrokenWeCanFixIt | Los Angeles

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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us and we value your trust.
We will never access your device without your permission or share your
information with any third party for any reason.

iPhone Repair Los Angeles. Why Choose Us?

Quality Assurance

We source only the highest quality parts and components available on the market today. Our certified repair technicians will quickly and professionally restore your device to its original condition. For your protection, all repairs offered by BrokenWeCanFixIt include a 6-month warranty.

Commercial Services

We offer bulk pricing for corporations and companies seeking to repair large quantities of devices on quick deadlines. Our unique business model and our fast, efficient technicians allow us to complete most orders within the same day. Pickup and delivery options are available to help expedite your repair order. Contact a technician for a custom quote today!

Customer Experience

Your experience is the highest priority for us. We will ensure you feel confident and cared for anytime you bring your iPhone or iPad to us for service.

Our friendly, expert technicians perform all repairs in front of you while you wait. We offer professional advice throughout the repair process, feel free to ask questions!