iPad Repair

iPhone repair Los Angeles LA

BrokenWeCanfixit is your one-stop solution to all of your iPad repair needs. We service all models of iPad including Mini, Air, and Pro. If you are experiencing broken glass, unresponsive touchscreen, no display at all, or even something else we are here to help.

We offer in-store replacement of broken screens, LCDs, buttons, antennas, and many more components on all models of iPad. Please call us with any questions or make an appointment to see us today!

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iPad Battery Replacement

Does your iPad charge slower than it used to? Does it die quickly even when fully charged? If you are experiencing these issues, your iPad needs a new battery!

Proper charging habits can help extend the life of your battery but it is common for a tablet to lose battery performance after just 1-2 years.

At BrokenWeCanFixIt we offer in-store replacement for aging, damaged, or defective batteries for your iPad.